Special Purpose Programs: Cell Repair Support

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Since most diseases and aging occur because of cell damage, you will want to include these in your program. These products can help the body maintain its youth when taken on a regular basis.


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5040 No. 3 - Sea Green Drink (with Fructose)

No 3: Sea Green Drink: A Vitamin C Drink with Trace Minerals. A delicious beverage for children and adults alike. Sea Green Drink consists of chlorophyll, alfalfa juice concentrate, vitamin C, Wachters’ Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation®, lemon bioflavonoids, rosehips, hesperidin complex, acerola, rutin, and carotene. This is an ideal drink to keep in the refrigerator for everyday use or to create as ice cubes or frozen treats. It is a must in every house.  » more info
Size: 7 oz / 198.5 g

Price USD: $25.95Weight: 0.53lbs