Special Purpose Programs: Women's Specific Needs

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4272 WHF - Women`s Herbal Guardian SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT WHF: Women’s Herbal Guardian:  This product contains vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, calcium, wild yam root extract, dong quai root extract and powder, chaste berry extract, amino acid complex, borage powder, evening primrose powder, chamomile flowers, kudzu root, red raspberry leaf, valerian root, Wachters’ Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation® , chlorophyll, and Lutein.    » more info
Size: 120 tablets

Price USD: $21.67Weight: 0.28lbs

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5560 No. 64 - Select Cal 1000

No. 64: Select Cal 1000: This calcium product contains seven sources of calcium, four sources of magnesium and vitamin D among other ingredients.   » more info
Size: 120 tablets

Price USD: $15.95Weight: 0.48lbs

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5485 No. 52: Magnesium-Potassium SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT No. 52: Magnesium/ Potassium Complex: Wachters’ Magnesium/ Potassium complex product supplies 100 mg of magnesium and 99 mg of potassium in addition to B-vitamins.   » more info
Size: 30 tablets

Price USD: $0Weight: 0.15lbs

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5520 No. 58 - Zinc

No. 58: Zinc: Wachters’ zinc tablet contains 50 mg (333% RDA) of zinc complex, and 25 mg of magnesium in addition to Wachters’ Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation®  » more info
Size: 60 tablets

Price USD: $9.95Weight: 0.18lbs