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8016 Sea Baath

Sea Baath, with its rich herbal extracts and Wachters® Marine Biological Extract embodies all of the families of sea vegetation and is the finest body care Sea Spa. Sea Baath is a natural organic mineral combination of sea and land that conditions the skin leaving it pH balanced, touchably soft and refreshingly clean. Sea Baath in the privacy of your bath will help to relax tired muscles, reduce tension and allow a feeling of overall wellbeing.  » more info
Size: 16 oz.

Price USD: $19.95Weight: 1.98lbs

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8340 Nutri Hair Complex Conditioner

Moisture rich conditioner fortified with the Exclusive Wachters® Blend of Sea Vegetation leaves your hair soft and manageable. Us this with Wachters Nutri-Hair Complex Shampoo and #12 Hair Supplement and infuse your hair with natural vitamins and minerals for amazing healthy hair.   » more info
Size: 8 oz/226 g

Price USD: $19.95Weight: 0.59lbs