Wachters` Cleaning Products

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9100 Spraa-It Extra Potent Spray Cleaner

The best all around household cleaner available. Spra-itt is so good that we use it with Uni-Kleen to make our warehouse spotless. This is the perfect spray cleaner that can be used everywhere in your house, office or automobile. It removes tough stains without any harsh chemicals.  » more info
Size: 946 ml

Price USD: $17.95Weight: 2.21lbs

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9520 Laundro-Kleen Concentrated Laundry Cleaner 25 lbs

This is an environmentally friendly concentrated laundry detergent. It is designed to be safe and effective. Great for getting out ground in dirt and those tough spots. A must in your laundry room.   » more info

Price USD: $34.95Weight: 4.63lbs