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Wachters' Distributor Personal Web Site!

Attention All Wachters' Distributors and Potential Distributors.

As you can see on the Wachters' Home Site, www.wachters.com there have been massive changes over the last year. We are now ready to expand the system to include full-fledged personal web sites for distributors. The system we have in place is unique, there is nothing like it anywhere.

All retail orders over the past year that have come through the Wachters' site have been credited to existing distributors by finding out who recommended a customer to come to the site, and if that was not possible or the site was found just by surfing the net, assigning the order to someone in the same geographical vicinity. There is NO house account. A Wachters' Distributor will ALWAYS get credit for any on line retail orders. All future on line orders that come from retail customers from unknown origin will be assigned on a rotating basis to those distributors who have a Wachters' Personal Web Site - see below. This means that just with those orders your web site can pay for itself! Remember it is first come - first served!

The integrity of a Network Marketing System requires that the person that does the work in promoting the product get the credit for any orders placed by customers, and have any customers who sign up as distributors placed in their down line. Once a customer has placed a single order and been assigned to a distributor, any future orders they make will ALWAYS be credited to the same upline distributor. This will enhance the success for individual distributors and of the network marketing system as a whole.

To guarantee that a distributor get the credit for any on line orders

Each distributor that signs up for the Personal Web Site Program will receive an individual Wachters' coupon code that can be given to existing customers and used in any marketing material. Most people, including us, don't like remembering passwords, code numbers, phone numbers, coupon codes, etc unless there is some personal benefit to them. To get them to remember to use the code, it will have an automatic discount of 5% off retail associated with it when used on the Personal Web Site of the distributor that gave the coupon code, AND also on the Wachters Home Site, AND on the Personal Web Site of any other distributor. This discount will ONLY apply to on line orders, NOT phone in, fax, or email orders to the Home Office.

This will guarantee that a distributor that does the work in promoting the product will get credit for orders. Remember it is only on the first order that you need to ensure that a customer uses your Wachters' Coupon Code. ALL other orders or applications for distributorship will automatically be given to the distributor associated with the original Wachters' Coupon Code. All you have to do is make "FIRST CONTACT!"

Having a Wachters' Distributor Personal Web Site benefits you in many ways:

1. It opens up the people of the world as your potential customers. The system we have in place for shipping is UNIQUE among ANY of the MLM companies. We do NOT use flat rate or percentage based shipping cost calculation. We use the actual weight of the products. We can give real time exact UPS quotes to anywhere that UPS ships in the World, AND with all the different levels of service available! Let us know at webmaster@wachters.com if you ever find a similar system.

2. You don't have to stock any products. All orders are shipped from the Home Office in California with a turnaround time of no later than 48 hours. The UPS on line system will actually state the delivery date based on the turnaround time, and also on the confirmation page and confirmation email sent to the customer, for all orders shipped by better than UPS ground service. The delivery date is an estimate only and applies to orders within the US.

3. There is no paperwork for you to do. Everything is handled at the Home Office. You can concentrate on talking to your customers about the benefits of using Wachters' products. The only paperwork you will have to do, and you probably won't mind too much, is when you deposit your BONUS cheque.

4. The Wachters' Coupon Code will guarantee you get the credit for orders. Even those retail customers when they realize the health benefits of taking Wachters' can give your Wachters' Coupon Code to other friends when they order on line, and they too will get 5% off retail, and YOU will get the credit.

5. You as a distributor can place your own orders on line and get exact UPS shipping quotes. These are more accurate than any other in house system and usually result in LOWER UPS shipping costs.

6. You don't need a computer to have a Wachters' Personal Web Site. All orders go to the Home Office. You automatically get credit.

7. If you or your customers create a new user account or log in to your Wachters' Personal Web Site (or wachters.com, or wwww.wachters.ca for Canadian distriubutors and customers), the system can remember who you are and automatically fill in your Wachters ID number or Wachters Coupon Code. It will then give you your coupon, distributor, or executive discount AND calculate your RPV for the order. You can also do this for your retail clients so all they have to do is log in and enter their username and password, and they will get their 5% retail discount automatically.

8. If orders are placed on line that cannot be assigned to any other distributor, YOU will be assigned credit for those orders on a rotating basis with other distributors with a Wachters' Distributor Personal Web Site. Sign up early and start getting extra bonuses now!

9. Each Wachters' Distributor Personal Web Site has a "Become A Distributor" link. Anyone clicking this link and signing up as a Wachters' Distributor will be assigned to the owner of the Personal Web Site.

10. Enter your contact email addresses into the Newsletter/Weekly Special link on your web site and when the weekly special goes out, your customers will be redirected back to your own Wachters' Distributor Personal Web Site! An easy way for you to keep your customers and potential customers informed.

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