Where We Are - Where We Are Going

Where We Are - Where We Are Going.....

The State of Wachters’ - 2003

Wachters’ Is Still The Same Company, Yet Different

The idea of a “State of the Union” message comes from Bill Peden, our Distributor Operations Manager. He thought that Distributors would like to have a sense of the “Big Picture” at Wachters’. I thought it was a wonderful idea to share where Wachters’ is now and where we are going.

            Since 9/11/01, Americans have been going through an enormous economic upheaval that still impacts us in so many ways. Exploding corporate crime leaves more people out of work. The shrinking dollar forces every-one to count their pennies more carefully. Retail sales are so flat that merchants depend more on cut-rate holiday sales to bail them out. The soaring economy of the 90’s exploded when two planes crashed into the World Trade Center.

            Does the economy affect Wachters’? Of course it does. Like everyone, we have to work harder to stay even. That “we” is all us - the Home Office, Executives, Distributors. And our hard work is paying off!

            The vitamin industry, particularly the network marketing segment, has always been very competitive. MLM companies are often mirages, appearing and disappearing. Fancy marketing is their only skill since a few private label manufacturers make most of the vitamins on the market. Lots of hype. Lots of smoke and mirrors. And Pfst! they are gone!

            From the days when Dr. Joseph Wachter and his two sons harvested sea vegetation from the California shores, dried it and packaged it to sell in their neighborhood, Wachters’ has consistently operated on the belief and practice that our products are clearly superior to and unlike anything else on the market. Why? Because we know what goes into each tablet and how they are made.

            The one lesson we have learned in recent years is to increase our marketing assertiveness. Executives and Distributors alike have clamored for more marketing for years. “Wachters’ doesn’t do enough marketing.” We hear you and are making careful progress. Our marketing learning curve has been slow but steady.

            Remember, Wachters’ started in a laboratory with a visionary scientist and his sons leading the way. We weren’t salespeople looking to hustle a fast buck. The snake oil salesman is not our kind of people.

            At bottom, our roots will always be in the laboratory. We are a product-driven company. Wachters’ always has been and always will be driven by the quality of our products. Because we make our own products, we are close to them. We watch from from beginning to end, from when the ingredients come in the door to when the bottles leave the warehouse.

            Our integrity is built on these 100+ nutritional products, each infused with the Wachters’ Blend. That will never change. Yet that is just one thing that makes us different. 

            New products, like No. 35 - XXtra Boost Juice, are always cooking in Wachters’ laboratories. Several product improvements are in the immediate pipeline.

            We are heeding your call for more marketing tools. Our goal is to provide you and your customers with state of the art products which are supported by state of the art information, sales tools and training.

            The spreading of the Wachters’ word belongs to you. We are building an even stronger foundation to help you to get out the word.

•    For several years now, we have instituted a very successful program of product specials to help you stock new and familiar products to share with your customers.

•    The monthly product training calls feature a rotating list of product groups coupled with useful product information.

•    The Wachters’ website - www.wachters. com - is now our premier product information and ordering tool. If you’ve looked at other websites, you will appreciate how informative and helpful it is.

•    This monthly issue of The SEA VINE provides you with up-to-date company and product news along with a product information flyer and a training call announcement.

•    In the last year, a host of sales tools have been developed to help you share Wachters’ products with prospective customers and distributors. More are on the way. If you don ‘t know what they are, ask your telephone representative.

•    Recently, we gained first hand knowledge of how to produce a Wachters’ booth at a San Francisco health fair. We are preparing a booklet on how you too can exhibit Wachters’ in your local area.

•    Foreign markets, particularly in Asia and Europe, are learning more about Wachters’ products.

            The customers are out there. They always have been and always will be. Our website had over 134,000 hits from 52 countries world-wide in December, 2003 alone. We need to share our products with them more often. Gone are the days - if they ever did exist - that Wachters’ products are so good they sell themselves.

            So as Wachters’ faces the new year of 2003, we continue to move in the right direction, ever stronger, ever wiser in creating and sharing the nutritional wealth that has been our heritage for 70 years. We encourage you to continue to join us in our journey that was “Borne from the Sea.”

Have a wonderful year in 2003!

Carrie Minucciani